I Don’t Hate My Boobs: Fakin’ It Part II

By Kimmy Sue Ruby Lou

August 18, 2011

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Sad but true, I’m so technically stupid that I can’t figure out how to comment on my own blog.  

Ronda, I buy my clothes at thrift stores and drive a 2001 Saturn that I’m determined to get the last mile out of.  Why on earth would I spend thousands for fake boobs?  I wouldn’t.  And I’ve been wearing pushup bras for years. 

Milk Man, you still can’t spell.  I’m quite certain my breasts have never been “coddled.”  But thanks for making me laugh.  And it isn’t bad to like boobs.  Boobs are fun.  It’s the special rules that apply to your wives and girlfriends that are bad.  Would you tell your girlfriend that if she got fake boobs you would no longer want to touch her?  If so, why?  If you don’t mind looking at them, why wouldn’t you want your girlfriend to have them? 

Debbie, you are correct.  It is the double standard that I hate.  In the process of raising three daughters, I have become more sensitive to the double standards for women.  And I love my belly button. 

Kimmy Sue is the energy that conforms.  She would be stupid enough to get a boob job.  She would secretly hate it. 

Ruby Lou is the energy that laughs out loud and puts things in perspective.  Ruby Lou would get a boob job just to piss someone off, to push buttons and make fun of it all.  Or not.  She does what she wants.  

We are all duplicitous fakers.  That is the one thing we can be honest about.  

What we really want are boobs that don’t need a bra.  We are both in agreement that bras are annoying.  Which means they either need to be smaller or they need to be fake.